This application is made to enroll a student in a full remote learning format.  By signing this application, the parent (guardian) understands the responsibilities on the student in this type of learning format:

  1. Students must be enrolled using our Online Enrollment Form.

  2. Students must keep pace with the learning expectations.  Remote learning can require students to work some on their own and this can be difficult for some students to manage.

  3. Remote Learning will require sufficient, reliable Internet service. It is expected that cell phone data plans may not be sufficient for Remote Learning.

  4. Daily communication with teachers is expected (either by Google Meet, phone, or email).

  5. Students are required to log their daily work (see attachment) and turn these logs in to their teacher or teacher advisor at the end of each week.  This will include accounting for 410 minutes of learning time each day (the same time frame as a traditional school day).  **It should be noted that some of this time will be virtual time with the teacher and other time will be independent work.

  6. Parents understand that student movement out of a full remote learning format will be evaluated at the end of each quarter.  The only exceptions to this rule must be approved by the building principal. Students will only be allowed one move between Remote Learning and On-site learning during the school year.


I agree to the above stated student and parent expectations for a Remote Learning environment and wish to enroll my student for Remote Learning.


Does your household have high speed Internet that is not tied a cell phone data plan?


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