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"The foundation of every state is the education of its youth."


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 Is using Technology really teaching? Yes! Integrating technology into your curriculum will help lay the foundation for a consistent, equitable classroom that is data driven. Let's take our first steps into building our foundation together!

Hello there, folks! My name is Jamie Howard, and I have created this page as a sort of "one stop shop" for all things technology. I am here to help whether you have been teaching here a while, and just need a refresher or some quick links. Or perhaps you are new to the district and would like a little help on where to get started. As I enjoy lists, and keeping things simple, as you scroll down you will see a numbered list. Just keep following and clicking the links and reviewing the information as you go! (At the top of the page you will find useful quick-links to things you will likely use very often, and a few things that you should review and be aware of "in case", such as our Acceptable Use, and some different standards that would be helpful. 


Let's start from the top. You've just been hired OR you've been here a bit and need your email/powerschool password changed. You go to THIS link (also at the top) and fill out the request. 


Good news! You're on your way. you now have your accounts created, and a device to work on! Our next steps are to start learning the educational programs that we use to educate our students! For the K-5 checklist, click HERE. For the 6-12 checklist, click HERE


Next up, you need your technology (or you have it and need it fixed). Follow THIS link to fill out a helpdesk ticket. Keep in mind, this is for receiving or repairing devices ONLY.


It is just as important to educate our community on our programs as it is to educate ourselves. For K-5 parents/students, you may share THIS. For 6-12 parents/students, you may share THIS


Digital Citizenship is, and always will be an important part of our teachings. It's vital that we take the time to educate our students' how to be safe online, and how to search to see if information is factual.  Click HERE to access our dedicated Digital Citizenship Page. 


Next, you'll want to have an understanding of the process we follow when we implement new technology. Keep in mind two of our main objectives during implementation are consistency & equity. Watch the video below to see the process!

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