Remote Learning Assurances

Whenever USD 250 school district is in a model where students (Pre-K-12) will be working remotely, as the Parent/Legal Guardian of the children listed below:


I agree to the following assurances:

1.   I understand that my child(ren) may need additional support to complete assigned work, and to the best of our ability, our family will provide the needed support.  Additionally, our family will provide supervision during the learning process.

2.   I agree that my child(ren) are expected to be available to communicate with teaching staff on a regular basis as outlined by the school district.

3.   If a student is unable to participate on any given day (illness or doctor appointment), I will notify the school by noon to report the absence.

This application is made to enroll a student(s) in a full time remote learning format.  By signing this application, the parent/guardian understands the responsibilities of the student within this type of learning format:


  1. Students must keep pace with the daily learning expectations.  Remote learning can require students to work some on their own and this can be difficult for some students to manage.

  2. Remote learning will require sufficient, reliable internet service.  It is expected that cell phone data plans may not be sufficient for remote learning.

  3. Daily communication with teachers is expected (either by Google Meet, phone or email).

  4. Parents understand that student movement out of a full remote learning format will be evaluated at the end of each quarter.  The only exceptions to this rule must be approved by the building principal.  Students are allowed only one voluntary move between remote learning and on-site learning formats during the school year.


In addition, the USD 250 Board of Education has made the following assurances:


USD 250 assures to the Kansas State Board of Education it will follow the requirements below to ensure that Remote Learning approximates the student learning experience taking place in the On-Site (brick and mortar) classroom for the 2020-21 school year, including:

  1. USD 250 assures Remote Learning Curriculum and Instruction will coincide with each student’s On-Site classroom to ensure that when a Remote Learning student returns to the On-Site classroom that he or she is able to make a seamless transition. In addition, Remote Learning students will be assessed on the same standards and competencies as the On-Site students using each and all progress, academic and social-emotional monitoring assessments as On-Site students.

  2. USD 250 assures Remote Learners will have at least one meaningful Daily Connection with a local teacher. In addition, Remote Learning students will have ready access to all local content teachers throughout each week and student questions will be answered within 24 hours during school days, preferably the same school day if possible.

  3. USD 250 assures each Remote Learner’s Academic Progress will be monitored daily by local teachers to ensure that when the student is able to return to the On-Site classroom that he or she is able to make a seamless transition.

  4. USD 250 assures that timely and relevant Professional Development will be provided to all local educators providing services to Remote Learners.

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