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All students currently enrolled in Remote Learning Model for the 2020 Fall Semester and students that would like to switch to the Remote Learning Model for the 2021 Spring Semester must submit the application below.  Please submit an application for each individual student applying to the Remote Learning Model.


While the remote learning environment may be a preferred learning environment, we want to evaluate your child’s achievement, academic progress and overall success to ensure that this learning environment is appropriate and helps maximize his or her full potential.  A student’s academic progress will be reviewed once an application is received.  If a student has been able to maintain acceptable progress and activity according to the criteria below, that student will continue in the remote learning environment. If a student has not maintained acceptable progress and activity, that student will be designated as an on-site learner and normal attendance rules will apply for the second semester.  You will be notified of the determination of your child’s designation by your child’s school.

Academic Criteria: (All students)

  1. Student Attendance from 1st Semester

  2. Student Growth and Achievement Data: Engagement documentation from 1st semester

    • Has the student maintained engagement with teachers or the curriculum?

    • Is the student completing assignments or tasks?

    • Student Grades

  3. Student and parents have abided by the Remote Learning Assurances

    • I understand that my child(ren) may need additional support to complete assigned work, and to the best of our ability, our family will provide the needed support.  Additionally, our family will provide supervision during the learning process.

    • I agree that my child(ren) are expected to be available to communicate with teaching staff on a regular basis as outlined by the school district.

If a student is unable to participate on any given day (illness or doctor appointment, I will notify the school by noon to report the absence.


Medical Criteria: (Only applicable for those it applies to)

  4. A valid medical condition, based on doctor’s recommendation, that would put a student or family in a compromised circumstance due to exposure to others.

Remote Learning Expectations

All students in Remote Learning must understand the responsibility of the student in this type of learning format:

  1. Students must keep pace with the daily learning expectations.  Remote learning can require students to work some on their own and they must use their time management skills effectively.

  2. Remote learning will require sufficient, reliable internet service.  It is expected that cell phone data plans may not be sufficient for remote learning.

    1. Families may apply for district provided wireless internet access through DragonNet at

    2. This is a district owned private, 4G LTE network.

  3. Daily communication with teachers is expected (via Google Meet, Zoom, phone or email) and is a joint responsibility between the student and district staff.

  4. Parents understand that the student movement from one learning environment to another will be evaluated at the end of the quarter and no other movement will be allowed prior to that review.

    • The only exceptions to this rule must be approved by the building principal and decisions will be based on the considerations above.

    • Students are allowed only one voluntary movement (based on the considerations) between remote and on-site learning formats.


Does your household have high-speed Internet that is not tied to a cell phone data plan?


Please read and acknowledge our Acceptable Use and Technology Loan Agreement.     


Acceptable Use                            


Technology Loan Agreement

By signing below and submitting this application I agree to the above-stated student and parent expectations for a Remote Learning environment and wish to enroll my student for Remote Learning.

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