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This policy was written and maintained by the technology office and the administration of Pittsburg Community Schools, USD 250, and has been approved by the Board of Education on 07/27/2020. If you have any comments regarding this policy, please contact the district technology office. 

Unauthorized usage of the district's computing systems and devices may involve not only the transgression of district policy but also a violation of state and federal laws. Unauthorized use is a crime and may involve criminal and civil penalties. 

For the purposes of these guidelines, communication technologies include the Internet (i.e. World Wide Web (WWW)), on‐line services, e‐mail, other internet‐related services, district-provided computers, including tablets and Chromebooks, phones, district networks, and other applicable services or technologies either now in use or implemented in the future. Communication technologies include technologies (whether or not owned by the school district) in use on school grounds or at school activities. 

The technology office reserves the right to disable any account, at any time, in the event of a real or perceived infraction of this policy until further notice. 


Student’s use of communication technologies is a privilege intended for the educational benefit of the student. Students must comply with the terms of these guidelines, any applicable district board policies, administrative guidelines, and operating procedures relative to the use of communication technologies. In using communication technologies, the student will follow these guidelines: 

A. Students are not to use school-owned devices or resources in any way as to impede the use of other devices or services by any other user, regardless of class or group membership.

B. If any user finds another user of the system to be in violation or suspicion of violation of any rules or policies, the finding user is to notify the technology office, building administrator or classroom teacher immediately, and will not attempt to police this system on their own.

C. The sharing of accounts with friends or relatives is strictly prohibited without prior permission from the technology office.

D. The running of ANY software that was not installed by the technology office or its staff is prohibited without the prior consent of the technology office.

E. Adult material is strictly prohibited.

F. Users are responsible for all activities associated with their accounts and devices. If a user releases their password to a third party who violates system policy, the owner of the account will be held responsible.

G. Use of this system is a privilege, not a right. Severe misuse or repeated infractions will result in a temporary or permanent loss of use and the user may be subject to other disciplinary actions. 


Pittsburg Community Schools, USD 250 observes the standards outlined in the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA) which imposes the certain requirement on operators of websites or online services directed to children under 13 years of age including use of email and access to certain websites and social media sites and apps. In response to COPPA, Pittsburg Community Schools will restrict access to email, chat, and certain websites for students under the age of 13. Attempts by students to bypass these restrictions may result in disciplinary actions or loss of use of technology for that student.


The following forms of use of district technology devices and services are unacceptable and inappropriate and will be considered violations of board policy and administrative guidelines. Violators may be subject to disciplinary actions which may include the temporary or permanent loss of use of technology and even suspension. Examples of unacceptable\inappropriate use for a student include:


A. Creating, copying, knowingly distributing, or posting of a computer virus or malware or other malicious software or applications.

B. Sending messages using someone else's account.

C. Sending messages that are inconsistent with district rules

D. Sending a message that is sexist, racist, or otherwise prejudicial or inflammatory.

E. Sending messages or downloading files that knowingly contain obscene language, graphics, pictures, or attached graphics files, either encoded/encrypted or un‐encoded/decrypted.

F. Sending chain letter‐type messages, not related to education through email or chat.

G. Engaging in online chat sessions that are not related to school functions.

H. Using school provided technologies for personal gain.

I. Sharing of account and/or password with others.


In the event that an infraction is discovered or reported, the offending user will be promptly notified and given a chance to discuss the action with the Director of Technology and/or building/district administration depending on the severity of the infraction. 

The offending student may be temporarily or permanently barred from technology usage pending investigation.


Official Pittsburg Community Schools ‐ USD 250 social media sites have been developed to strengthen the community within our school district and distribute information about events, be it photos, video, website links, or other means of communication. 

Pittsburg Community Schools ‐ USD 250 asks that people making comments on the page show respect for their fellow users by ensuring the discussion remains civil, especially since some sites allow for people of any age to join. Comments are also subject to all social media sites’ Terms of Use and Code of Conduct policies. Social Media users are encouraged to report the abuse of those policies to the page’s “report abuse” button or by contacting Pittsburg Community Schools Communications Department at

Pittsburg Community Schools ‐ USD 250 reserves the right, but assumes no obligation, to remove comments that are racist, sexist, abusive, profane, violent, obscene, spam, contain falsehoods or are wildly off‐topic, or that libel, incite, threaten or make ad hominem attacks on students, employees, guests or other individuals. We also do not permit messages selling products or promoting commercial or other ventures with the exception of fundraising opportunities of the district. Acts not in compliance can become grounds for bans from social media pages and/or other actions deemed necessary by the Pittsburg Community Schools ‐ USD 250 Superintendent and/or USD 250 School Board. In turn, Pittsburg Community Schools ‐ USD 250 cannot be held responsible for the information posted or provided by third-party sources. 

By visiting an official Pittsburg Community Schools ‐ USD 250 social media site, you are agreeing that you are responsible for posts and information provided by your person. 

Pittsburg Community Schools ‐ USD 250 is relieved of all responsibility pertaining to offensive, inappropriate, and malicious content posted by third-party sources. 

Official Social Media Pages include, but are not limited to: 






In addition to student’s Google Drive cloud storage, the school district provides server space for various students to store files and data that are for school purposes only. Students should back up their data from both their Google Drive cloud storage and the district’s file servers regularly in the event of failure or loss of data. If a student is in need of more space, contact the technology office. 


The technology devices and services provided in the district are owned and monitored by the technology office including, but not limited to files stored or transmitted, emails, and use of devices. The district system creates logs of most user activity. These logs can be used as evidence of unauthorized or inappropriate usage. The technology office may also monitor the input from any device, at any time in the event of the suspected unauthorized use, or use that is not consistent with the district or system policy. The technology office is sworn to secrecy in the event that private information that is not in violation of policy is monitored.

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